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      Once we receive your pack, we will process your claim to identify if you have a PPI refund due.

      Applying is as simple as 1, 2, 3

      All we need from you is the bare minimum information.

      Whether you know you if have PPI or not, the application process is really simple. If you are aware that you have PPI then we will still go through the Free Check Process as this can uncover additional policies that you may not be aware of.

      Step one - We need your name and contact details so we can contact you to discuss the outcome of your free check

      Step two - We need your address details so we can send you the necessary forms to sign. You won’t have to fill out any other forms apart from the online application. All we need is your signature on the Letter of Authority to approach the lender on your half.

      Step three - Finally we need your lender details. This is broken down into five simple parts. Lender name, Credit type (loan, credit card, mortgage etc), Account/Policy Numbers (this isn’t essential but it may help speed up your Free Check), we need to know if it is a joint account (and their name) and finally the address you were living at when you took this finance out.

      It should take you no more than 3 minutes to complete your application.

      Unsure if you have PPI?

      Use our free check service to find out for FREE

      “How is it free and what is the catch?”

      This is probably the question going through your mind. The answer is simple. There is no catch and it is simply 100% free. What we do is we conduct a free check. The check will give us one of 3 answers. ‘Yes there is PPI’, ‘No there has never been PPI’ or ‘we cannot locate the customer and a full investigation is needed to establish if there is PPI’. After we have our answer we will contact you with the results and if there is PPI we will inform you on which accounts and discuss whether you want us to start the claim. You are within your right at that point to go ahead and claim it back yourself or choose to use us to claim it back for you.

      “How far can you check back?”

      If you have an active account we can check back with most lenders* to the open date. So if you had credit 10 years ago or more and your account is open, we can potentially still find PPI.

      All we need from you is the bare minimum information.

      (*see our lender list on the next page)

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