The Application

Our simple application form is split into 3 parts. This part of the process should take you no more than 5 minutes.

Part one: Your contact details.

We use these details to update you on the result of your Free Check.

Part two: Your personal details.

We need these so when we send your details to your lender they can locate you and your accounts.

Part three: Your lenders details

In this part we need to know the name of your lender, the type of credit you want to check, if this was a joint account (and their details if applicable) and you address at the time of the loan (if different).

Pre-submission or Subject Access Request Process

Once you have received, signed and sent back your Free Check pack we will submit your check for a Pre-submission or a Subject Access Request (SAR). This can take around 50 days for the lender to complete. Once the lender has completed their investigation and advised us of their findings we will contact you with the results.

The Results

Once we have the results and we have informed you, then the choice is yours whether you want us to claim the PPI back for you or go ahead and do it yourself. If you decide that you want us to claim it back for you we will complete a questionnaire regarding the point of sale and we will send you a copy of this along with a new Letter of Authority and other relevant paperwork for you to sign and send back.

Free Check Application

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